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We have put these IOSH Managing Safely Assessment Preparation pages together to help people who are taking the IOSH Managing Safely V4.0 course. They include advice on personal preparation and revision aids to help with recall.

There are a number of crosswords that you can use for revision. They range in difficulty from very easy to quite difficult. You will not find the answers for these crosswords in these pages; those can be found in your delegate workbook. Those attending the IOSH Managing Safely course with Lynwood can bring their completed crosswords into the training with them on any training day.

The information in these pages relates only to the Pack version 4.0 of the course. If you have undertaken a different version of the IOSH Managing Safely course these pages will be of no help to you, sorry. You should be able to confirm which course version you are undertaking by asking your training provider.

Woman on her IOSH Managing Safely assessmentLynwood does not accept responsibility for your grades and following this preparation does not guarantee that you will provide the correct answers. That bit is still down to you.

The information has been provided with good intentions. If you spot any faults or if you have any ideas for improvements of our IOSH Managing Safely Assessment Preparation I would be very grateful for your comments. Please pass them to Lee at: [email protected]

The crosswords are intended to be a fun way of revising what you have learnt during your training. Use your workbook to find the answers if you cannot remember them. If you can’t do the crosswords don’t get down about it, it’s no big deal, just a bit of fun.

We hope that the following information and tools help and we wish you every success with your IOSH Managing Safely Assessment.


IOSH Managing Safely Assessment Crosswords

Coming soon

IOSH Managing Safely Assessment Cryptograms

Try re-gigging the letters to form the correct answer to the question posed. The numbers of letters in each word are already correct.

One of the factors which are to be balanced against the benefits of a risk control when reducing the risks so far as is reasonably practicable

The second control from the hierarchy of risk control

This is one of the factors that you will need to consider when assessing the risks from manual handling

A manager can delegate this to others

Reducing the likelihood of fines and personal injury claims are what type of reason for managing safely

In civil law, who will the court case focus on

Unsafe actions or lack of action and unsafe conditions are what type of causes of incidents and accidents

This is one of the types of evidence used in auditing health and safety management systems

DAGITUNI aims to find objective DEVIENCE of whether the current way of managing health and safety meets the organisation’s health and safety LOPYIC

Spillage of bulk food stuffs such as milk, alcohol or cream can cause this

The IOSH Managing Safely Assessment

Right, here we go – you’re about to sit a test, something that some of us haven’t done for years, if ever. Having a few nerves is natural. If you are panicking, feeling ill or have just gone a week without sleep over the IOSH Managing Safely assessment you should pause and think – is this certificate really worth your health?

Of course, there’s no need to worry about the assessment (easy for me to say eh?). You have been given all of the information that you need and in my experience it is well within the ability of most people.

Preparing for the IOSH Managing Safely assessment

I’m sure that you have heard them all before – fail to prepare then prepare to fail – prior planning and preparation prevents [email protected] poor performance etc. etc. They’re all true. Most people will need to revise to be confident of getting through the IOSH Managing Safely assessment. Don’t leave it all until the last night either, that’s a really bad idea.

The night before the IOSH Managing Safely assessment

You will probably want to do some revision but if you revise too much you may well find that you start to read a paragraph of information and before you get to the end of the paragraph you will forget what it said at the beginning. If you do get to this stage you need to stop. Put the books down and relax. Don’t drink too much booze, it dehydrates your brain and your brain needs to be well hydrated to perform at its peak. Try to get an early night.

On the day of the IOSH Managing Safely assessment

Hopefully you will be well rested. Get yourself up and on your way to your course in good time, you have enough to do without the pressures of being late. It’s a good idea to drink water to keep well hydrated but spare a thought for your bladder too.

Taking the IOSH Managing Safely Assessment

Help with IOSH Managing Safely assessmentOK, the main event. If you have prepared, you will find that you have plenty of time to complete the IOSH Managing Safely assessment. After you have filled in your details at the top of the page put your pen down and just read through the paper, you may be comforted by how much of this seems familiar. Once you have read all of the questions go back to the beginning and complete all of those questions that you can answer immediately, with little or no thought.

Once you get to the end again go back to the beginning, again. Now complete the questions that take a little thought. If you draw a blank move on. Don’t dwell on what you don’t know.

Sooner or later you will get to the end again. Now go back and take a look at what you couldn’t answer on the last pass through. You probably have time to take a mental break so do so. Take in the view or just let your mind wonder. Take another look at the more difficult questions. If they still don’t spring to mind you might want to consider taking a punt, a SWAG or just a guess. The list answers are not subject to negative marking so if you get them wrong there’s no additional loss. Do not leave any of these “list” answers blank, that would be a missed opportunity.

The negative marking in the multiple choice might mean that you’ll want to take a different approach to these. One consideration is how sure are you that your selected answer is correct. Another consideration is how well you have done so far. If you are confident that you have accrued a good number of points you can afford to make the odd mistake, just hope that you win more than you lose. If in considering your performance in other questions you think that your score might be marginal you might want play it safe and skip the question. There’s no negative marking for missed questions, only incorrect answers. In considering your performance so far you might come to the conclusion that you haven’t accrued enough points for a pass, in which case you have nothing to lose by taking a punt at it. It’s all a case of risk assessment you know.

After the Assessment

This lot no longer matters. You can no longer have any effect on the outcome of your IOSH Managing Safely assessment, so don’t worry about it all. I’m sure that your training provider has compassion, they will realise the state of anxiety that you’re probably in and give you an indication of how well you might have done as soon as possible. Perhaps they will let you know the same day, we do.

If you are about to undertake your IOSH Managing Safely Assessment we wish good luck. If you are about to undertake your IOSH Managing Safely Assessment with Lynwood you won’t need to rely on luck.