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PPE on asbestos awarenessIf you are looking for Asbestos training in the Manchester area, including Asbestos Awareness for non licensed asbestos work you are in the right place..

Our Asbestos courses are some of the best value health and safety training courses currently available, not only in Manchester but throughout the UK. Our IOSH and CIEH registered training centre at The Old Courthouse is located in Greater Manchester with great access from all areas of Manchester and the North West of England via the local motorway network and public transport services.

Is Manchester is too far for your delegates to travel for Asbestos training? How about booking a closed course at your venue? We will provide your Asbestos training anywhere at the same fantastic rates as local courses plus costs. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Course Outline

The dangers of asbestos are well known, so well known that many workers fear any contact with it or even being in proximity to it. Asbestos can kill and that is why it is important that anyone who might come across it knows how to identify asbestos and what to do about it.

This Asbestos Awareness training course is designed to give workers the knowledge and confidence to undertake certain asbestos related tasks and to inform them of what to do if they come across asbestos during their normal work activities. People who work in loft spaces, near boilers, old electrical equipment or in old buildings may be reluctant to undertake their work tasks due to a lack of asbestos training. It also helps employers to comply with HSE requirements and the Asbestos Regulations in regard to asbestos training for non licensed asbestos work. This health and safety training course contains all of the elements specified in EM2 of the Asbestos Essentials except for your emergency procedures and task specific procedures. If you book a closed course, just for your employees, the course content can be modified to include your emergency and task specific procedures. Open courses are available at our training centre in Dukinfield, Tameside near Manchester.

    • What is asbestos?
      • Introduction
      • 3 most common types of asbestos
      • Common characteristics
    • What the law says about asbestos
      • The main pieces of asbestos law
      • The main requirements of asbestos law
      • Types of work that you are allowed to do
      • Employee responsibilities
    • Where asbestos can be found
      • Introduction
      • Why asbestos was used
      • When asbestos was used
      • Where asbestos was used
    • How asbestos can affect your health
      • The scale of the problem
      • The means of entry
      • The health effects
    • What you should do about asbestos
      • How to find out if a building might contain asbestos
      • What to do if you discover asbestos containing material
    • Personal protective equipment
      • Which PPE to use
      • How to remove your PPE
      • How to decontaminate yourself
    • Dealing with other dangers
      • Example factors to consider
This health and safety asbestos awareness training course is aimed at workers and has been developed to aid easy understanding by all employees. If your building contains asbestos and your maintenance workers might come across it then they should be trained. There are many tasks involving asbestos that can be safely undertaken by non licensed asbestos workers. This asbestos awareness training course would be appropriate for such people.
The learning is confirmed by a multiple choice assessment. Employers are provided with results and advice on the delegates level of competence.
½ Day

Modified closed courses may need to be extended depending on the amount of additional content required to cover your emergency procedures and other work procedures.

Lynwood Consultancy Services – The Old Courthouse
Client location by request for closed courses.

The Lynwood training centre in The Old Courthouse provides the perfect environment for your delegate’s asbestos awareness training. Our training room is comfortable, clean and well lit. It is easily accessed via the local motorway network and public transport links. There is free parking at The Old Courthouse for over 80 cars and there is free street parking should this be exceeded. On the other hand, our training centre is not on the Salford Keys with a swanky post code and city vistas but that just means that you don’t have to pay for the view.

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