OHSAS18001 ConsultancyOur OHSAS18001 consultancy will help your organisation to maximise the management of your health and safety systems. The OHSAS18001 Health and Safety Management standard relates expressly to the management of Health and Safety in the workplace. It is structured to integrate seamlessly with other standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Because no organisation is exempt from Health and Safety legislation, it doesn’t matter what size your own business is, it will almost certainly benefit from implementing the range of disciplines that the OHSAS18001 standard imposes. By incorporating these standards into your business you will greatly reduce the potential for accidents, help to control risks, improve legislative compliance and enhance your overall Health & Safety performance. At the same time, the sensible procedures and good practice that OHSAS18001 integrates into your operation will help you avoid litigation, fines, penalties and even imprisonment. Your performance and cost-effectiveness will improve and with more and more companies now requiring proof that their suppliers operate in a safe and competent manner, our OHSAS18001 consultancy can afford you an invaluable competitive edge.

OHSAS18001 Consultancy

Our OHSAS18001 consultancy will help to ease the way to gaining UKAS accredited certification for this health and safety standard. Our consultancy services can be tailored to meet your organisations needs. Where there is already a good understanding of OHSAS18001 and the management of health and safety we can bring industry best practice or a fresh look at what you are doing. For other organisations our OHSAS18001 consultancy can extend to providing a “hands on” solution to your health and safety management needs. For those wishing to develop their internal understanding of OHSAS18001 we can utilise our training expertise to teach managers and auditors how to maintain the system.

Lynwood is based in Greater Manchester and our OHSAS18001 consultancy is provided throughout the North West and beyond. For a free initial no obligation chat about your OHSAS18001 consultancy needs contact us or visit us at our centre in Dukinfield.

OHSAS18001 History

A number of international standards were being developed throughout the eighties and nineties and many organisations realised the benefits of adopting these standards. Responsible organisations also understood that they needed systems to ensure that their health and safety provisions were being managed as effectively as the other aspects of their business. At the time, apart from systems developed internal to organisations the only commonly accessible tool to help with health and safety management was the HSE’s HSG65, a guide to the successful management of health and safety. Although this was and still is a great tool for many organisations its value is restricted by its stand alone nature. It doesn’t integrate with other systems without significant effort on the part of those that utilise it.

What was needed was a standard which, like those within the ISO family, integrated seamlessly with quality, environmental and other standards used in modern organisations. The first version of OHSAS 18001 was released in 1999 and was based on the BS8800 standard.

OHSAS18001:1999 was superseded by OHSAS18001:2007. Changes were made to revise definitions and to clarify the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Standard. The changes in the language used in the 18001 standard made it easier to align with the existing ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international standards.

The new version brought about a new emphasis on planning health and safety arrangements, on managing change and more detailed requirements of risk assessments.

OHSAS18001 Advantages

It is clear to see that if our health and safety provisions are to remain effective they must be managed in a systematic way to ensure that things do not go wrong and unnoticed. In other words we need a system to manage our health and safety provisions.

One of the benefits of the ISO family of standards is the way in which they integrate so that many of their requirements only need to be satisfied once, no matter how many standards are implemented within an organisation. Consequently, the more standards that are implemented the less additional work each one requires.

OHSAS18001 is not an ISO standard but, unlike other health and safety standards and systems, it does integrate with them. If your organisation employs ISO9001, ISO14001 or other international standards then you could realise the benefits from the way in which it integrates. Our OHSAS18001 consultancy experts can help with theses other standards too.

There are other benefits. Certification to OHSAS18001 demonstrates to your potential customers that you are a reliable partner. You will not fail to deliver as a result of down time due to accidents or enforcement action from the authorities. In fact your system will demonstrate your regulatory compliance to the authorities and others.

You don’t even need to be certified to the standard to reap all of the benefits of OHSAS18001 consultancy. Simply by implementing an effective health and safety management system based on the standard you can improve employee safety, promote their involvement in your health and safety provisions and improve their morale and motivation. By adopting the OHSAS18001 standard to help develop your health and safety management system you will have the option of gaining certification at a later stage should things change.

Our OHSAS18001 consultancy services can help to promote a safe and healthy work environment leading to reduced accidents and equipment down time, which will result in increased efficiencies and profits.

OHSAS18001 Pitfalls

As with all standards there is often an external motivator to gain certification and this often leads to organisations buying a very expensive piece of paper to hang in the office. The benefits of OHSAS18001 will only be realised if the spirit of the standard is adopted whole heartedly.

Our OHSAS18001 consultancy can help you to avoid costly mistakes and to get the most out of your system.

The Cost of OHSAS18001Consultancy

There are many variables that would affect the cost of implementing your health and safety management system, OHSAS18001 consultancy is only one of them. Some organisations prefer to employ Lynwood in a purely consultative role, where managers internal to the organisation have sufficient knowledge of the standard and health and safety requirements to act upon the advice given. Some organisations want us to take on a more involved role where our OHSAS18001 consultancy experts act as a member of their internal team, helping to build the tools that they need to realise all of the advantages of OHSAS18001. Some organisations are position somewhere in between the two. Our services are not limited to assisting with the management system. We have expert health and safety practitioners who help to develop organisations provisions ranging from policy development and risk assessment through to day to day management of health and safety. Our OHSAS18001 can be tailored to your needs.

Depending on the size of your organisation and the workload of your employees it may be more cost effective to train your own staff to undertake your internal audits. Through the provision of training and mentoring we can help to develop your own workforce to undertake audits and even manage your audit processes. They can also be developed to take on a role in the management of your health and safety as opposed to the maintenance of your management system. See our health and safety training provisions.

The decision on certification and selection of certification body has a significant impact on costs too. The good news is that Lynwood provides a FREE initial consultation in order to ascertain your OHSAS18001 needs and expectations. We can then provide you with an accurate quote and you can make an informed decision. So, if you are thinking about implementing OHSAS18001 why not give us a call to arrange your consultation, after all it won’t cost you anything.