The ISO9001 Standard

Use ISO9001 consultancy to improve your businessISO 9001 is a part of the 9000 family of standards, which have been created by the International Standards Organisation as part of a highly recognised and respected framework of Management Systems. Even if you have your own management systems experts you may well benefit from our ISO9001 consultancy services.

We are able to offer a full support service, auditing of your systems or just an independent viewpoint. We can work as a part of your management team. We can help you to build your ISO 9001 system from scratch. We can help you to develop or reinvigorate your existing systems or we can provide you with an indication of well your ISO9001 system is doing. We can provide the level of consultancy that you want and need.

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The Benefits of ISO9001

The Quality Management Standard is as relevant for the smallest of businesses as it is for the largest international organisations. Included within the benefits you’ll enjoy are a clear understanding of your policies and objectives, plus an improved perception of customer needs. It will also enhance communications both internally and externally. ISO9001 will help you understand your statutory and regulatory obligations, whilst at the same time it will clearly define responsibilities, reduce waste, improve consistency and traceability, and generally raise the morale and motivation of your employees.

There have been many independent studies into the effectiveness of the ISO9001 standard over the years and there is a general consensus that its proper implementation brings many improvements. This has been confirmed by the comparison of ISO9001 certified organisations with like organisations that are not certified. Those subscribing to the standard show greater growth and increases in profits etc. Many of these organisations utilise the services of an ISO9001 consultancy to help realise the benefits.

These advantages have been demonstrated many times and have consistently shown that the Quality Management Standard improves efficiency and the effectiveness of an organisation’s processes by highlighting existing deficiencies. Employees become better motivated to perform, more aware of their responsibilities and their morale is improved as their key roles are more clearly defined.

Communication is improved both internally and with external bodies, including customers. The focus on improved customer satisfaction brings better consistency in providing the right product, in the right place and at the right time, which in turn results in more repeat business.

The proactive nature of measuring processes prevents the production and delivery of rejects, reduces waste and increases productivity. In many organisations the savings realised through this measuring process alone offsets the cost of implementing the ISO Quality Management System.

All of these improvements lead to increases in profits, which is good news whether you are the owner of a micro business or a stakeholder in a multi national organisation.

ISO9001 Experts

Our ISO9001 consultancy is provided by experts, which gives us the ability to provide the right solution for your organisation. For many companies we develop bespoke systems and provide a service that goes beyond management systems consultancy. Our ISO 9001 consultancy services can adopt a “hands on” approach giving as much assistance as is required.

Fixed Price ISO9001 Consultancy Package

For organisations with the time and resources to develop their systems with more independence we are able to offer an ISO9001 consultancy package. This enables preparation for certification by your chosen certification body. This package approach offers a significantly more cost effective solution. Our certification preparation package includes:

  1. Audit of current standing against ISO9001
  2. Agree and develop the physical structure of the quality manual
  3. Assist with the development of the quality policy
  4. Assist with the development of the mandatory procedures
  5. Conduct desk audit
  6. Participate in management review
  8. Train your internal auditors
  10. Produce system audit report
  11. Participation in management review

* Undertaken by your certification body and attended by Lynwood
** Undertaken by your internal auditors under direction from Lynwood

If at any time it is identified that more assistance is needed additional days ISO9001 consultancy can be added at the normal day rate.

ISO9001 Consultancy Price Guide

We can deliver this ISO9001 consultancy for as little £3500+VAT. There are many factors that dictate the amount of work required to gain ISO9001 certification such as the level of compliance already in existence, the size of the organisation and the complexity of its undertakings. For an organisation of 20 to 50 employees with moderately complex undertakings we estimate that 12 days ISO9001 consultancy would be required for certification preparation. The price for such a package, delivered within a 6 month period, would be £4200+VAT. Smaller organisations would on average take less time and larger organisation would take more, simple undertakings would take less time and complex undertakings take more time. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

If you already have certification to the Quality Management Standard but you aren’t realising these benefits then something is missing. We work only with UKAS accredited certification bodies. This is the best way to ensure that you and your customers are getting the most from your certification. Remember, it is the application of the standard and not the certificate on the wall that reaps the rewards. Those subscribing to the standard for the sake of a certificate are buying a very expensive piece of paper. Our ISO9001 consultancy will still help those who opt to apply the standard without the certificate.

For an initial informal chat and free consultation about opportunities, procedures, training and ISO9001 consultancy costs, please contact us.

Integrated Management Systems

Once you have seen the benefits of operating an ISO9001 Quality Management System in you organisation you may wish to apply the same principles to all of the aspects of your business such as environmental management, the management of your health and safety provisions or IT security. There are many standards available to help you build your systems and they all help to ensure that every aspects of your business is given due consideration, avoiding costs incurred through failings etc.

Many of these management standards, including OHSAS and other ISO standards, are designed to integrate seamlessly. This helps to avoid repetition and encourages “joined up thinking”. As a consequence of this integration the more of these standards used within an organisation, the less additional work is required to reach compliance.

Whether or not integrated management systems is the right way to go for your organisation depends on a number of factors, not least the size and complexity of your undertakings. Although cost would be a factor in determining whether integrated systems is for your organisation, it should be kept in mind that the cost per standard generally reduces in proportion to the number of standards utilised.

For a no obligation discussion about integrating your ISO9001 system contact us.

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