Based near Manchester in the North West of England, Lynwood has been providing management systems consultancy services to industry throughout the UK since 1997. With some of the best consultants in the industry we can help you to get the most out of your provisions, improve profitability and efficiency, avoid legal action and improve work rates and worker moral.

Lynwood employs specialist consultants who apply their knowledge and expertise to our clients’ best advantage. Lynwood consultants work closely with our clients so that they can absorb the complexities of their operations, enabling them to make sound judgements and offer the best advice.

Our Management Systems Consultancy Clients

Our consultants have decades of experience in their chosen field of expertise and in the industry sectors that they have served.

Lynwood currently provides management systems consultancy to organisations of all sizes. Our smallest client is a one man operation, who has realised the benefits of ISO 9001 and our largest clients include a number of international organisations utilising a wide range of our consultancy services.

Our client industry sectors are equally diverse and include engineering, private investigation, food processing, printing, paper, construction, manufacturing, chemicals, telecommunications and many others.

For an initial informal chat to discuss all the possibilities and opportunities that could be available to you, please contact us, either by phone, email or via the contact page on this website.