You need hearing protection, right?

I love QI. All those facts, half of which will, at some point, be proven to be untrue. I remember that they once asked “if a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a noise? There’s another thing that I love, noise. I think that we under value our hearing. Which would you value most, your hearing or your sight? I think that many would value their sight more. Our most expedient means of communication is oral; we hear it, not see it. If someone is talking to you from behind or if the monster from under the bed is sneaking up on you, you may hear it but you wouldn’t see it (unless you heard it first). How much fun is it to watch your favourite rock band with the sound turned off? How about your favourite movie? At least half of the information delivered to us is off screen. We wouldn’t hear those warnings either, such as a car’s horn or a window breaking. Not only that, but our hearing even tells us where the threat is coming from. It’s brilliant! We get so much information from what we hear; perhaps we should value it more. Whenever anything interacts with anything else, whether that is a tree with the ground or a pin with a desktop, it produces pressure waves in the air. We measure these pressure waves on the Pascal scale. When our ears receive these pressure waves they translate them into noise, which is measured in Decibels, which are in a logarithmic scale, in which an increase of 3dB represents a doubling of noise. What should we do about noise at work [...]

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Is your door always open?

It has always struck me as being a little strange that when it comes to health and safety there is often little management, let alone leadership. We wouldn’t leave the production process to its own ends because we know that it would likely go wrong and that would affect the bottom line. The trouble is that health and safety doesn’t add to the bottom line, there’s no profit in it, is there? There are a few things that organisations should be familiar with in these regards, some of which are a matter of law and others a matter of money. The law requires organisations to manage health and safety and without leadership any management efforts would be wasted. One phrase that one often hears is “my door’s always open”. A common problem with this is, it’s not always true. Sometimes we are simply too busy to enable the ideal of an open door policy. Not only that, but an open door doesn’t necessarily attract people to it. We should identify what are the most effective ways to communicate with our employees. In all likelihood, how we deliver information or ask questions of people in the office wouldn’t necessarily work as well for people on “the shop floor”. Equally, communication is a two way process. Just as we need to establish an effective means of communicating with employees, we need to establish effective means of upward communication. Simply telling people to report any issues is rarely the most effective means of upward communication, yet it is possibly the most commonly used, for health & safety at least. Employee representatives can be an effective means of establishing communication in both directions. Sometimes the workforce doesn’t engage with [...]

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IOSH Managing Safely 2018

Today we start our last IOSH Managing Safely course of 2017. As our training year draws ever closer to the end we look forward with enthusiasm to next year, may it be as successful as our last (100% pass rate). The new version 5.0 course has gone down great guns. If you have been putting off doing your Managing safely course why not get it over with in January, before the real work starts. Follow this link and get 2018 off to a productive start.

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Managing Health and Safety – it’s not my problem

Well, I guess that if you don’t have a job, you can make that claim. Everyone else has some responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of themselves and that of others. One problem that organisations must deal with is that not everyone knows this. So, we all have responsibilities in health and safety but does that mean that we’re all responsible for managing it? For some of us it is pretty clear cut. Those holding senior appointments within an organisation are most certainly accountable to one degree or another, are they not? One problem, up here in the upper management tier, is that there is sometimes a belief that by delegating a subordinate manager to look after health and safety, one has relieved oneself of all accountability. Not so! We can appoint someone to coordinate the organisation’s efforts in managing health and safety; you might even call them The Health & Safety Manager. In most organisations, delegating all health and safety responsibilities would set the business up to fail, he or she cannot be in all places at all times. In the line manager or middle tier of management one often encounters a belief that “so long as I don’t know I cannot be held to account”. Others would be aware that ignorance is rarely taken as an excuse in law. There are all sorts of requirements for the competencies of senior management, other management and even everyone else. It would be difficult for a manager to argue that they were competent to do their job if they simply ignored those aspects of it that didn’t appeal to them. Furthermore, if senior management don’t make their line managers aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities, [...]

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IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course

Have you heard, you no longer need to renew your IOSH Managing Safely certificate every 3 years? The situation was that in order to get a new IOSH Managing Safely certificate you would need to attend a refresher course within 3 years. If you missed this time frame, you would have no proof of current training. You would still be able to present your old IOSH Managing Safely certificate but after a time it only demonstrates that you have some historical understanding. With the release of the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher V2.0, IOSH have moved the goalposts. If you have ever completed and IOSH Managing Safely course and you are able to produce your certificate number and certification date, you can complete a refresher course. That's not the only thing that they have changed. The new course doesn't just re-teach what you were taught on your first course, although there is some refreshing, it delivers information on changes in law and best practice. The course also aims to help managers reach the next level. The HSE have in recent years, introduced leadership as an essential element of any effective health and safety management system. This course reflects this by including more information, such as the principles of a positive health and safety culture and of good practice, thereby helping managers to understand better their role within the management framework for health and safety. The course goes on to deliver further information on the plan, do, check, act cycle of health and safety management systems. The detail in each of these elements exceeds those delivered in the original IOSH Managing Safely course. In conclusion, The new IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course is worthwhile in that it [...]

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IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course

You may have been told previously that you can only undertake the IOSH Managing Safely refresher course if your certificate was issued within the last 3 years. Well, that was the case but no longer. If you have ever undertaken an IOSH Managing Safely course and you can provide your certificate details, you can undertake the refresher course. If you completed your original IOSH Managing Safely course with Lynwood but you have lost your certificate, we will have a record of these details, so no worries. There are a number of advantages to undertaking the refresher course, rather than completing the whole course again: The refresher course costs a whole lot less (£116 vs £350, at the time of writing). The refresher course takes a whole lot less time (1 day vs 3 or 4 days). The refresher course delivers new information. The refresher course doesn't simply repeat what was taught on your IOSH Managing Safely course, it takes managers further through the principles of managing health and safety. There is more information on the application of management systems in health and safety. There is also additional information on leadership, which is essential for successfully running any aspect of business. Our next IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course is on the 28 November 2017. Do you want to keep your IOSH Managing Safely qualification up to date? Do you want to save time and money? Would you like to progress your management skills? If the answer to one or more of these questions is "yes", then get booked in.

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Workplace absence on a downward trend

We lost 137 million working days to injuries and sickness last year (1). That's a lot of lost days, not to mention lost tax Dollars (and you know who makes up the shortfall there). This sounds like a lot of lost days, because it is, but it is a significant improvement on some of our previous performances. When we started to measure this performance in 1993 it was discovered that we lost, on average, 7.2 days per worker. Last year's performance pans out to 4.3 lost working days per employee (2). Aren't we doing well? Yes, I think that we are doing pretty well but that's still 137 million lost days of production/provision. We could do better. If UK Inc. is to maximise it's performance, as we need to do in the Brexit period, everyone must play their part. Of course, we can only expect our people to play a full role if they are enabled, this includes through the provision of information. Train your managers so that they understand why health and safety is important, how they can improve things in their work and what advantages they could expect to realise. Together, we can make UK Inc. a better place to work. (1). Office for National Statistics. (2). IOSH Magazine, April 2017

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IOSH Managing Safely for £350

£350 for IOSH Managing Safely? Surely not. It's true. Lynwood are now offering this fantastic course at a most amazing price (private buyers please note that you will need to add VAT). In all honesty this is a trial. If all goes well this will be our permanent price for this course. Otherwise, we will revert to our normal price in the near future. If you want to be sure of getting your IOSH Managing Safely course for just £350+VAT book now.

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IOSH Managing Safely in 2016

2016, where did that go? OK, it hasn't quite all gone yet but the end is nigh. Along with a new year come new prices, you can't beat inflation you know, so if you want to get the fantastic IOSH Managing Safely certification at the amazing price of £395 you need to get booked on to one of our few remaining 2016 courses. You don't just get a certificate at this price. You get all of the course materials, refreshments throughout the day (literally, you can grab a brew any time you like) and lunch. Our IOSH Managing Safely courses are run in our purpose built training suite so you won't have to suffer not having enough space, trying to see a ridiculously small projection of the presentation nor interruptions from other people in a shared facility. With courses being run every month you are sure to find one to suite you.

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Hurry, hurry, hurry. IOSH Managing Safely at an amazing price.

Lynwood have been delivering the IOSH Managing Safely course at the same price for the last 8 years. The times they are a changin'. We would love to offer our health and safety training at ridiculously low prices for ever but as our costs rise every year, we now have no option but to impose a small increase. Up until January 2017 you will still be able to get your IOSH Managing Safely training for £395+VAT. As of January 2017 the price will rise slightly to £425+VAT. OK, the new price is still very competitive but if you like a bargain - book early.

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