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Are You Thinking Naked Wines? Think Again!

I don't normally use this blog for personal rants but I have encountered an organisation, whose performance is so poor that they deserve special consideration - Naked Wines. I work in, amongst other things, quality management. I am adept at identifying quality and equally adept at identifying where it is lacking. If you take up the services of Naked Wines you may find that they fail to meet your expectations. If this happens you may feel that you no longer require the services of Naked Wines and you may go on to cancel your account, as I did. If you cancel your Naked Wines account you may find yourself being badgered with constant emails trying to sell you a service that they cannot or will not provide. You can ask them to stop and they should but they haven't. Naked Wines? No thanks!

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Watch out. Oops, too late.

Look at what I came across on my way to work this morning. Yes, that is a truck on its side. I was parked with my handbrake on and engine off when I took the picture by the way. I wonder what happened. Was it too windy? Was he going too fast? Did someone else force the crash? Was the driver ill? Something went wrong for sure, that's accidents for you.  

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Health and Safety Improvements?

You may have heard how Chris Grayling has vowed to slay the health and safety culture in the UK. Who can blame him for wanting to make changes? Not me. There's clearly something wrong with the culture surrounding health and safety. The big question is whether this is the fault of health and safety, the fault of society or the fault of our successive governments? Chris Grayling toes the party line and to hell with the poor MPs have started debating the proposed new Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill, which Grayling claims will make it harder for ambulance chasing lawyers to win cases in the courts. On the face of it this seems like a good thing but let's take care here. What is Mr Grayling really saying, get rid of "no win no fee" practice? I seem to recall that Mr Cameron expressed a similar aspiration not too long ago too but what does this mean to me and you? You may be aware of the legal fees in a civil court case (a claim for compensation), they commonly run into thousands. Without a "no win no fee" provision many of us would not be able to claim compensation if we were caused injury (or any other loss) as a result of someone else's fault. Of course if you do have a few thousand pounds spare you could claim compensation. Is that what we really want? The Telegraph reported that Mr Grayling said that "employees who do 'something dumb' and hurt themselves at work will no longer be awarded damages if their bosses have taken sensible steps to keep staff safe". This suggests that employers need take no consideration of the abilities [...]

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So there goes another 3 day IOSH Managing Safely course. Just 3 days and everyone passed their assessment, happy with that!

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Training room makeover

Things have been a bit quiet on this blog for the last week or so. It's not because I can't be bothered anymore, it's because things have been a bit busy. Our training room is having another makeover. New lights, new ultra short throw WXGA projector (and screen) a bit of branding and new paint. It's looking good. Time for work so please excuse me, there's a paint brush out there with my name on it.

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Best Supplier 2013

I don't normally post things like this in this blog but I am quick to slate anyone that fails on their promises so it's only right that I sing the praises of those who get it right. In the Beginning Two years ago, January 2012, I set out to buy an AV Amp and speaker system for my home entertainment systems. The make and cost are not important other than to say that I found one supplier that was significantly cheaper than the others. I ordered the kit and I was delighted with my purchase and the service from my supplier. The Latest News Fast forward to January 2014, my Amp failed. Sad news but hey, these things happen. The equipment that I bought is not the type that you just throw away when it goes wrong, you fix it. Unfortunately, two years on from the purchase I couldn't find my proof of purchase, let alone my warranty papers. I went back to my supplier who, with no financial motive, helped me out. So, who are these heroes of the entertainment world? Exceptional AV!  

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Training Room for Hire

Are you looking for a training venue? How about somewhere to hold your meeting or presentation? Here’s a training venue for hire, which is ideally located for Greater Manchester in the Ashton Under Lyne, Hyde, Oldham, Stalybridge and Dukinfield areas. Great space, great service and great prices.

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It’s Common Sense

I was late for work today and I wasn’t happy, I don’t do late. On my way in I drove around a 90 degree blind bend to find my way blocked by a lorry, which was being unloaded by a fork lift truck. The lorry driver was stood on his flatbed kicking the forks of the lift truck. I’m not sure what he was trying to do but he clearly failed. The fork lift lurched forward and the lorry driver was obviously hurt, he fell off his flatbed onto the floor holding his ankle. I got out of my car to see if the man needed any help. He made it known that he wasn’t in the mood to be helped, some people are like that. I asked the fork lift truck driver if his manager was about. It turns out that he was the manager, fancy that. During our short conversation another man appeared wearing a suit and tie, a more senior manager apparently. He asked what was going on so I pointed out the issues with blocking a road on a blind bend and what the two guys were up to. When he stopped laughing the senior manager concurred that what the two men had done was stupid but he defended the fork lift driver as he is an effective manager, “he gets things done”.  I had been there for about a half hour by now and these two guys had got nothing done, how effective is that then? People often say that health and safety is common sense yet this sense wasn’t common amongst any of these men was it?

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IOSH Managing Safely training in Manchester

Another full course for June. Fantastic. Some of my training friends tell me that they're having difficulty populating their courses. We've also been told by some people that they have been booked on other courses only to be let down by the training company cancelling their IOSH Managing Safely course due to lack of interest. Do you know why? Check out these prices. Now you do.

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