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IOSH Managing Safely Special Offer Until February 2015

We have a special offer for our IOSH managing Safely courses - £345+VAT for a limited time only. The offer currently applies to all 2015 IOSH Managing Safely courses, which are being run in the North West (Greater Manchester area). This offer is strictly for a limited period, after which the course will return to our normal price of £395+VAT. With courses being run every month in either a 3 day block, 4 day block or on 2 days per week over 2 consecutive weeks, there is sure to be a course for you. See course details, book a course or just ask a question.

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The Cheapest IOSH Managing Safely Course Available?

At £345+VAT per person this might be the cheapest commercially available IOSH Managing Safely course in the UK. This offer won't last for ever, it's limited to bookings made before the 1st February 2015. Although bookings at this price end at this time (normal price £395+VAT), the bookings can be made for places on any course throughout the year. Even at this fantastic price you still get the very best quality course materials, a guaranteed pass, refreshments throughout the day and even lunch is included. There are no hidden fees for IOSH registration or certification either, it's all included. Don't miss out, book now.

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IOSH Managing Safely in January

Our first IOSH Managing Safely course for 2015 will be run over 3 days, 19th to th 21st of January 2015. Here's the great news - we have held the price at our 2014 rates, which means it's just £395+VAT. There are no hidden extras and yes, this does include IOSH certification. Why not check out the course details, see other course dates or even go straight to booking your place on our next course?

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IOSH Managing Safely, December 2014

Our last IOSH Managing Safely course of 2014 is due to run during December. This course is being run over two weeks, on the 1st, 2nd and the 8th and 9th. The price is £395+VAT, which includes IOSH registration and certification, course workbooks and materials, refreshments throughout the day including lunch. There are no hidden fees on our IOSH Managing Safely courses. You can see more details here (click through the link) or you can book and send enquiries here.

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IOSH Managing Safely Project

We have had great success with our IOSH Managing Safely project guide. In response to the feedback that we have been given we have made some changes and we have just released our new (and hopefully improved) guide. If you use our guide we would very much appreciate your feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to hear it all. It doesn't matter who you did your training with, everyone's opinion matters. If we know what you want we can make sure that we provide it (unless what you want is to be given all of the answers ). So, here it is. Please take a look and let us know how it goes.

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IOSH Working Safely November course

We don't normally run the IOSH Working Safely course as an open course (one that anyone can book onto) but there has been quite a few requests for it in recent months. So, here it is, we will be running the IOSH Working Safely course on the 18th November 2014 at our training centre in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester. The current price for places on this course is £90+VAT per person. Why not take a look at what the course has to offer? You can book on line and produce an invoice or pay by credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can complete an enquiry and ask for a manual booking form to be sent to you. If you are looking to book an in-house course you will be pleased to hear that we still do that too. Call or email with your details for a quote.

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CSCS cards and the IOSH Working Safely course

The latest news is that if you hold a current IOSH Working Safely certificate and you have completed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operative test, then you can apply for a CSCS green labourer card. The IOSH Working Safely course is now recognised as a level 1 Award in health and safety in the construction industry. You will need to have completed your IOSH Working Safely course since 01 October 2011. If you took your course prior to this you will need to re-take the course and pass the end of course assessment. CITB can be contacted on 0344 944 4488 if you need any help to arrange the Health, Safety and Environment Operative test, which will cost you £17.50. The CSCS green labourer card will cost you a further £30. If you need help with your IOSH Working Safely course take a look at this link.

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Activity hazards in warehouses

It is important to understand what causes problems at work, what gives rise to the issue or, as in this case, what are the activity hazards. If you cannot understand what causes the hazard, how could you hope to fix it? Activity Hazard 1 You might use fork lift trucks, the type with solid rubber tyres and no suspension. You might use these trucks in the yard, where there are rain gullies and pot holes. These might lead to vibration issues. So far I have described the equipment and a location, which might suggest that it is either an equipment hazard or a location hazard. If what you describe is how operators drive the fork lift trucks for prolonged periods, without frequent breaks, then what you are describing is an activity hazard. Activity Hazard 2 Some other activity hazards that you might encounter in a warehouse relate to manual handling. If people need to overstretch or stoop to lift or lower items, then these people would be exposed to an activity hazard. If, let's say when you are unloading, you get people to form a line and pass off the items being unloaded, this may lead to people twisting repetitively, another activity hazard. Activity Hazard 3 Maybe you use a stretch wrapping machine. Perhaps your warehouse processes so much product that there is a constant need for palletised materials to be stretch wrapped. The stretch wrap reel might be mounted quite low down, giving rise to the need for the operator to bend down in order to start the process off. If that operator was bending down repetitively, perhaps for the greatest part of his 8 hour shift, then this would give rise to an [...]

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Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence resulting in death, major injury or absence from work for more than 7 days must be reported to the HSE under RIDDOR. In the UK during the period 2012/2013, there were an estimated 649,000 incidents of violence in the workplace of which 332,000 were assaults and 317,000 were threats to victims. Work related violence occurs when someone is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. Violence, which includes verbal abuse, threats or physical attacks, can come from people you know, as well as from strangers. During the period 2012/13, of all work related violence in 60% of incidents the offender was unknown to the victim whilst in 40% of incidents the offender was known to the victim. In cases where the offender was known it was most likely to be either a client, customer or work colleague People in service occupations, such as police officers, faced the highest risk of assault and threats while working, at 7.6% - over 5 times the average risk. Additionally, health care professionals and social care specialists had higher than average risk rates. These professions have consistently had a higher than average risk rate over the last number of years. Workers in caring and social professions and managers and senior officials had higher risk of workplace violence than the overall average rate of 1.4 per cent. Physical attacks are dangerous, but serious or persistent verbal abuse can be a significant problem too, as it can damage an employee's health through anxiety and stress. Verbal abuse is slightly more common than physical attacks and they can cause psychological symptoms that can lead to physical symptoms including: insomnia loss of confidence agoraphobia guilt thoughts of self harm [...]

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