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IOSH Managing Safely Project V5.0

Would you like a bit of help with your end of course risk assessment project? Then welcome to our little post about the V5.0 IOSH Managing Safely Project. One of the biggest changes with this new project is that delegates are no longer required to identify whether a hazard is caused by the nature of it's location, equipment, substance or the way in which it is done (activity). In terms of assessing people's risk assessment skills, doing so had its uses but in completing real world risk assessments this exercise could only create confusion. If you need a copy of the V5.0 risk assessment form you can find it through this link. scroll half way down the page to "pdf.Format", click through the link and you will open a writable pdf version of the form. If you find that you cannot type into the form it is because of the application that you are using to read the form. You don't have to use IOSH's form for this, you can use your own companies risk assessment form. Given that each cell within the main body of the IOSH form attracts points, if you hope to gain sufficient points for certification, you should ensure that the form that your employer uses gives you the opportunity to attract all of the points available. There are 38 points available in the project. In order to gain certification you will need to score a minimum of 23. You should be aware that if you score the minimum mark on both the end of course assessment and on the project, you will not have scored enough points overall. Let's start at the top. There is a point for completing the [...]

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IOSH Managing Safely – Do You Want To Be A Part Of The Success?

We recently ran another IOSH Managing Safely course in our training centre in Greater Manchester, which was, as usual, a total success. We enjoy a *100% success rate with this course and there is no reason why anyone couldn't gain certification for the highly regarded IOSH Managing Safely course. Our open IOSH Managing Safely courses are run at SK16 4DT, where we enjoy easy access via car and public transport for the whole of the North West of the UK. If you would like to be a part of this great success story check out the details, see the course dates and book your course now.     *except where delegates have not completed the course for external reasons or they have not followed guidance.

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The law and vaping at work

Are people allowed to use e-cigarettes in the workplace? One problem that we sometimes encounter is that UK law is often not prescriptive, in this case I'm not sure that it would state anywhere "thou shall not vape". It is often difficult to determine what the law expects of us until we are told more explicitly e.g. in coming to a conclusion a judge may set a precedent. The following is taken from a business advice letter produced by Sage: "First “vaping” case clarifies the use of e-cigarettes at work Since the smoking ban came in, it’s likely that you haven’t had to deal with cigarettes in the workplace very much. However, the use of electronic cigarettes, known as “vaping”, has become increasingly popular, so it may be time to clarify and update your policies. E-cigarettes emit an aerosol produced from a heated solution containing nicotine that users inhale, and so their use can’t really be described as “smoking”. A UK employment tribunal recently considered a case involving a school catering assistant who claimed that she had been constructively dismissed by her employer. The catering assistant, Ms Insley, was seen using an e-cigarette at the beginning of the school day in full view of pupils by the school’s head teacher. The head teacher complained to her employer, Accent Catering, but Ms Insley resigned just before a disciplinary hearing was arranged by her employer to decide if her actions were serious enough to justify dismissal. The tribunal dismissed her claim of constructive dismissal, holding that the employer had acted properly, because Ms Insley had resigned, and not been dismissed. The tribunal could therefore not decide the question of whether or not her actions amounted to gross [...]

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Watch out. Oops, too late.

Look at what I came across on my way to work this morning. Yes, that is a truck on its side. I was parked with my handbrake on and engine off when I took the picture by the way. I wonder what happened. Was it too windy? Was he going too fast? Did someone else force the crash? Was the driver ill? Something went wrong for sure, that's accidents for you.  

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Training Room in Tameside

If you are looking for a cost effective training room in Tameside take a look at this. For about the cost of a back room in a pub you could have the use of a purpose built training suite (we cannot provide the sticky carpet though). The room can accommodate 20 delegates at desks or 30 in an open forum. You can see pictures of the main training area and view availability on our calendar or simply get in touch to discuss your needs.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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The Best Value IOSH Managing Safely Course!

At £395+VAT per person is this the best value IOSH Managing Safely course available in the UK? We think so but you see for yourself. When you compare what we offer with other providers don't forget to ensure that you are comparing apples with apples. Make sure that they offer a guaranteed pass, that their price includes IOSH certification fees and that you will be provided with refreshments throughout the whole day, including lunch, because if you book your IOSH Managing Safely training with Lynwood that's what you get. Although most people buy on price we are happy to be compared for quality too. Take a look at our course workbooks. If there is a better quality workbook out there we haven't seen it. We have our own training suit so we can be much more flexible than some training providers. Because we don't rely on facilities managers to provide refreshments at contracted times, our refreshments are available all day, not just at break times. Not everyone will pass the course first time just because we offer a guaranteed pass. Most people pass first time because of the quality of our training, the guarantee is there to "catch the ball" if ever anyone did fail. If the worst should happen you or your employer can be comforted by the fact that your investment in training has not been wasted. Re-training and re-assessment will be provided as many times as is required to ensure a pass. Is getting away from work for so many days problematic? It is for many and that's why we give you a number of options. We provide the course over a four day block. There's a lot of new information to [...]

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IOSH Managing Safely Special Offer

Hurry, hurry, hurry. This offer ends soon. You can book places on any 2015 IOSH Managing Safely course for just £345 so long as you make the booking by the 1st February 2015. After that the price goes back to the pre-offer price of £395. The next course starts on the 19th January 2015 and runs for 3 days. See other course dates and take advantage of our special offer while you still can.

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