IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Training

IOSH have now released their own version of the IOSH Managing Safely refresher course, great news! Wait, it gets better - Lynwood are offering this refresher course for just £145+VAT per person. If you completed your IOSH Managing Safely course about three years ago it is time to complete your refresher training now. Once three years have elapsed you will need to complete a whole new IOSH Managing Safely course to gain certification. Take a look at what is on offer and check out our course dates here.

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IOSH Managing Safely Project V4.0

If you have just completed (or perhaps you are about to undertake) the new IOSH Managing Safely course, V4.0, you should be aware that there are a couple of assessments. One assessment is undertaken at the end of the course and is covered elsewhere on this website. The other is a post course, risk assessment based project, although your trainer may elect to cover the project throughout your course. If you need a copy of the project forms you can download them from here. Look about half way down the page, where it says "pdf. format". This document is a writeable pdf. so you can complete it electronically. Although the look of these forms have changed significantly since the previous versions of the course, their expectations have not. If you look through the previous posts in this blog in relation to the IOSH Managing Safely project, they're still valid. One exception is that you are not required to place. IOSH Have now incorporated the 5x5 risk ratings and their evaluations into the project form. That's great news because a) you must use the 5x5 risk matrix in completing your project and, b) you no longer need to search through our delegate workbook for those values. If you have completed your IOSH Managing Safely training with Lynwood and you would like some help with your project, then please let me know via the [email protected] email address. If you did your training with someone else, perhaps your trainer provides a similar service. If you haven't yet booked your training take a look at this.

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The New IOSH Managing Safely Course is Here

We've been delivering the new, V4.0 IOSH Managing Safely course since its release a few months ago and the good news is that this is still the best health and safety training available, at this level, for managers. There is more information in the new course including 5 new common hazards. The assessment process still consists of a multiformat paper and a risk assessment based project. The multiformat paper consists of multiple choice answers, short lists and delegates are presented with lists that they need to put into the correct order. The project is similar to that of old, though the presentation of it is quite simplified. There's no time like the present (unless you're waiting for the price to go up). Why not book your place on one of our courses now?

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IOSH Managing Safely course, December 2015

Our last course of 2015 will be being run from the 7th to the 10th of December. The course will be being run over 4 days in The old Courthouse. Details of the course can be seen on our IOSH Managing Safely page. As with all of our IOSH Managing Safely courses the £395 fee includes all IOSH fees, delegate workbooks, other course materials, refreshments throughout the whole day and even a finger buffet lunch. Why wait, get in touch now and book your place on the course.

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IOSH Managing Safely V4.0

This isn't just IOSH Managing Safely, this is V4.0 IOSH Managing Safely. It's more than just an update of the data too, 5 new hazards are covered (see the content on our main page). There's more in the course, it's the latest information, so it must cost more right? No! It's still just £395+VAT, if you book now.

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The Benefits of Management Systems

Working in the sector that we do, we frequently encounter people/organisations who believe that management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 etc. can do nothing for them in terms of improvements. Some will never be convinced. Perhaps it's something to do with their character that prevents them from ever being mistaken on any matter. Who knows? For everyone else, whether you already employ management systems and are comforted to hear that you're doing the right thing or if you're considering adopting such systems for your organisation, here's some good news. The Centre for Economics & Business Research, an independent economics and business research consultancy, have produced a report on how standards have impacted upon UK economic growth since 1921. Here are just a few of the interesting findings included in the report: Over a third of productivity growth is attributed to standards £6.1 billion additional UK exports are attributed to standards £8.2 billion in annual UK GDP is attributed to standards Those applying standards in the food and drink manufacturing sector increased turnover (collectively) by £10.2 billion per year The most productive sectors in the UK use standards the most. One such sector, aerospace and defence, increased productivity by 20.1% between 2005 and 2014. The UK average was 4.9%. Not convinced? Perhaps you are just one of those people. If this information has got you thinking about how these management systems could help you, then get in touch and we will show you.

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The law and vaping at work

Are people allowed to use e-cigarettes in the workplace? One problem that we sometimes encounter is that UK law is often not prescriptive, in this case I'm not sure that it would state anywhere "thou shall not vape". It is often difficult to determine what the law expects of us until we are told more explicitly e.g. in coming to a conclusion a judge may set a precedent. The following is taken from a business advice letter produced by Sage: "First “vaping” case clarifies the use of e-cigarettes at work Since the smoking ban came in, it’s likely that you haven’t had to deal with cigarettes in the workplace very much. However, the use of electronic cigarettes, known as “vaping”, has become increasingly popular, so it may be time to clarify and update your policies. E-cigarettes emit an aerosol produced from a heated solution containing nicotine that users inhale, and so their use can’t really be described as “smoking”. A UK employment tribunal recently considered a case involving a school catering assistant who claimed that she had been constructively dismissed by her employer. The catering assistant, Ms Insley, was seen using an e-cigarette at the beginning of the school day in full view of pupils by the school’s head teacher. The head teacher complained to her employer, Accent Catering, but Ms Insley resigned just before a disciplinary hearing was arranged by her employer to decide if her actions were serious enough to justify dismissal. The tribunal dismissed her claim of constructive dismissal, holding that the employer had acted properly, because Ms Insley had resigned, and not been dismissed. The tribunal could therefore not decide the question of whether or not her actions amounted to gross [...]

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Watch out. Oops, too late.

Look at what I came across on my way to work this morning. Yes, that is a truck on its side. I was parked with my handbrake on and engine off when I took the picture by the way. I wonder what happened. Was it too windy? Was he going too fast? Did someone else force the crash? Was the driver ill? Something went wrong for sure, that's accidents for you.  

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IOSH Managing Safely for £250

Only £250+VAT for IOSH Managing Safely training? That's not a typo, it really is just £250+VAT for our IOSH Managing Safely course in May. There's no catch. This price includes all of the fees and material costs, we even provide a buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day for this too. I know that if I don't explain why our May IOSH Managing Safely course is only £250 you won't believe it, so here goes: one reason that we are amongst the most competitively priced providers of the IOSH Managing Safely course is that we order our materials on bulk. It is time to turn around our stock. It's that simple. There isn't a better deal out there and this won't be repeated so book now before places run out for the special price of just £250+VAT.

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