If, in regards to health & safety, you keep your ear to the ground you will surely have noticed the current concerns over the wellbeing of the workforce.

What we mean by wellbeing is quite dynamic but generally it relates to our mental state; how we feel about our environment; our colleagues and our tasks etc.

A happy worker is a productive worker (I know, that’s a massive generalisation) so its important that our managers understand how their decisions can impact on the wellbeing of their peers and subordinates.

The good news is that the IOSH Managing Safely course deals with a number of issues that impact on the state of the workforce, including their wellbeing. We talk about inappropriate workplace pressure, the importance of workers understanding their tasks and workplace rules, the signs and symptoms of aggression, bullying and violence in the workplace and much more. We run these courses every month so you should be able to find one that fits your schedule.

If you’re interested in the wellbeing of your workers why not provide your management team with the training that they need so that they might better manage it?