The price of IOSH Managing Safely training varies massively. Some justify their high prices with delivery in swanky venues that bring nothing to the training, while others deliver at bottom dollar by delivering in pubs and clubs, which can detract from the training. Even after taking such factors into account it is still difficult to compare one training provider with another. Some don’t include the cost of the delegate workbooks or certification and others do not include refreshments, especially lunch.

There are of course training providers that deliver in purpose built training environments, they have an open pricing policy with all training and certification costs included. Some even provide lunch and other refreshments in their price but not many can do all of this for just £370+VAT. We also give a guaranteed pass. That’s a great price for all of this. Take a look around and you will see that it is.

If that still sounds like too much money how about £150+VAT per person? Were you looking for cheap IOSH Managing Safely training? If you’re reading this, I think that you’ve found it. If you book this training for 20 people you get our lowest rate per person. If this is delivered at our training centre it also includes the promised refreshments with a finger buffet lunch. In-house IOSH Managing Safely courses start at £2000+VAT, which is for up to 10 people (£200+VAT per person) and the per head rate decreases as more people are added. You don’t have to put 10 people on the course but this price is the viability point for us.

OK, so you have found what you were looking for. How about we get to work?


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