Have you heard, you no longer need to renew your IOSH Managing Safely certificate every 3 years?

The situation was that in order to get a new IOSH Managing Safely certificate you would need to attend a refresher course within 3 years. If you missed this time frame, you would have no proof of current training. You would still be able to present your old IOSH Managing Safely certificate but after a time it only demonstrates that you have some historical understanding.

With the release of the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher V2.0, IOSH have moved the goalposts. If you have ever completed and IOSH Managing Safely course and you are able to produce your certificate number and certification date, you can complete a refresher course.

That’s not the only thing that they have changed. The new course doesn’t just re-teach what you were taught on your first course, although there is some refreshing, it delivers information on changes in law and best practice. The course also aims to help managers reach the next level.

The HSE have in recent years, introduced leadership as an essential element of any effective health and safety management system. This course reflects this by including more information, such as the principles of a positive health and safety culture and of good practice, thereby helping managers to understand better their role within the management framework for health and safety.

The course goes on to deliver further information on the plan, do, check, act cycle of health and safety management systems. The detail in each of these elements exceeds those delivered in the original IOSH Managing Safely course.

In conclusion, The new IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course is worthwhile in that it ensures that the understanding of health and safety management is bang up to date. But it provides more than that. If you complete this new course you don’t just get a new Managing Safely certificate, you get an IOSH Managing Safely Refresher certificate. That demonstrates that your understanding has been taken another stage further.

So, what are you waiting for?