We lost 137 million working days to injuries and sickness last year (1). That’s a lot of lost days, not to mention lost tax Dollars (and you know who makes up the shortfall there). This sounds like a lot of lost days, because it is, but it is a significant improvement on some of our previous performances. When we started to measure this performance in 1993 it was discovered that we lost, on average, 7.2 days per worker. Last year’s performance pans out to 4.3 lost working days per employee (2).

Aren’t we doing well? Yes, I think that we are doing pretty well but that’s still 137 million lost days of production/provision. We could do better. If UK Inc. is to maximise it’s performance, as we need to do in the Brexit period, everyone must play their part. Of course, we can only expect our people to play a full role if they are enabled, this includes through the provision of information.

Train your managers so that they understand why health and safety is important, how they can improve things in their work and what advantages they could expect to realise. Together, we can make UK Inc. a better place to work.

(1). Office for National Statistics.
(2). IOSH Magazine, April 2017