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From our offices and training suite near Manchester, we provide a unique portfolio of management systems consultancy and training services that are available to help companies and organisations not only meet their legal and morale obligations, but also significantly improve their performance and success.

We work across all sectors with organisations ranging from sole traders to large multi-nationals and everything in between. The services provided are as diverse as our client base and include project based agreements, ongoing consultancy and the day to day management of various aspects of business. Our consultants are drawn from the best in the industry. It is their expertise that enables Lynwood to deliver such flexible and proven solutions.

For those who are looking for certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard or the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Standard our expert consultants can help to implement management systems in a timely and cost effective way. Our many years experience across a diverse range of business types and sizes can help to ensure that your organisation realises all of the potential benefits that these standards offer.

What We Do

Lynwood provides a range of health and safety, fire safety and management systems training for your employees and managers. Take a look at our listed courses or call to discuss your specific needs.
Whether you are looking to implement your management systems or to gain certification from a UKAS accredited certification body Lynwood has the expertise that you need. Get in touch to arrange your free of charge initial consultation.
Our airy, bright and well equipped training room is perfect for the delivery of your courses and for your meetings and conferences. Compare our prices then get in touch to arrange your booking.

IOSH managing Safely

Health & Safety

Our team of expert health and safety practitioners have a wide range of experience in helping organisations to maximise their performance potential. We can develop your provisions from scratch or build on an existing framework to deliver your optimal health, safety and welfare provisions. When organisations get it right health and safety really does add to the bottom line and that is where Lynwood can help.

Our training development department can build your bespoke safety training packages or you can select from courses certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), including the highly regarded IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Managing Safely refresher course all offered at very competitive rates.

For those in the construction industry looking to gain the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) certification for their employees, or for organisations looking to gain proof of health and safety competence for their workforce, we provide the IOSH Working Safely course.

With the implementation of a systematic approach we can help young businesses, or those that have not yet developed their health and safety provisions, to gain legal compliance. This is the minimum required to avoid prosecutions and reduce the likelihood of successful civil claims against your organisation.

For those businesses that have grown beyond the early stages of development we can progress the management of your health and safety to deliver real business improvements. Our expert practitioners will also guide your organisation and its managers to further gains, helping to identify where there is a potential to reap measurable returns.

Lynwood consultants would all encourage an environment of total inclusion, where everyone in the business gets involved and takes ownership of the management of their health and safety. For organisations that have reached this level of maturity we can help to encourage cultural changes, which deliver this level of participation.

For those organisations that have already reached the total inclusion level of development our practitioners can still help in many ways. We can undertake audits to ensure that your systems remain compliant with health and safety law; compliant with your own policies and procedures; compliant with your customer expectations or with standards to which your organisation subscribes. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is what is required to identify flaws or to re-invigorate a mature health and safety management system; we can help with this too.

Whatever your health and safety needs you can rely on Lynwood to deliver.

H&S Training and Courses

Management systems


Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 organisations have been responsible for ensuring that they have a fire risk assessment in place. It is important to ensure that these assessments are completed by competent fire risk assessors, lives may depend on it. That’s why Lynwood employs ex-Fire and Rescue Service / ex-Fire Brigade assessors.

Whether you need a workplace fire risk assessment, training for your marshals or extinguisher training for everyone our ex-Fire and Rescue Service trainers and assessors have the expertise to help (Institution of Fire Safety Managers registered Risk Assessors; Members of the Institute of Fire Engineers).

Fire Training & Consultancy

ISO 9001

Management Systems

Our lead assessors are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds including senior positions in engineering, logistics, manufacturing and telecommunications sectors etc. We have expertise in systems from the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard, the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard & the OHSAS18001 Health and Safety Management Systems Standard.  We can even help with industry specific standards and the application of CE marking.

There was a time when only large organisations were able to identify with the benefits of formal, standardised management systems, particularly UKAS accredited certified systems. This is no longer the case. Just as those larger organisations that implemented management systems in the early days realised improvements in their own efficiencies etc., they realised the improvements that their customers gained too. If such organisations are investing so much in improving what they provide to their customers, why shouldn’t they demand the same from their suppliers?

1,609,294 ISO certificates were issued in 2014. Were some of these certified companies your potential customers? If your organisation does not possess the management certifications that your customers demand, you may be excluded from the procurement process as soon as it starts.

Maybe your organisation is looking for investors. If you were investing a considerable amount of money would you not be expecting certain reassurances? Wouldn’t you want to know that the business was being managed effectively, that measures were being taken to avoid fines through breaking employment law, through causing avoidable accidents and through environmental incidents? You would surely want to know that your money would realise a return. So do your potential investors. Organisations that implement UKAS accredited management systems offer many such assurances; these are just a small example.

If your organisation is ready to grow and develop we have the systems expertise to help make it happen.

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