IOSH MAnaging Safely workbookThe Preamble

We have put this IOSH Managing Safely Project guide together to help people who have completed an IOSH Managing Safely training course and have either forgotten or are not sure about the instruction that they have been given for its completion. If any doubt remains after reading these pages you should refer back to your training provider.

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This IOSH managing Safely project guide doesn’t give you the answers nor does it teach you about health and safety but it will help you to layout your own answers in a way that might be expected for the IOSH Managing Safely project. The information is provided for guidance only so please do not submit these examples as your own work. I am sure that your assessor will spot them. If you would like to be provided with all of the solutions to the project take a look here.

The information in these pages relates only to the Pack version 4.0 of the project. If you have undertaken a different version of the IOSH Managing Safely course this guide will be of no help to you, sorry. You may be able to confirm which project you are undertaking by looking at the top of the introduction page or the bottom right hand corner of the assessment part pages. If you are still unsure about which version of the project you are completing please consult with your training provider.

Lynwood cannot accept responsibility for your certification and following this IOSH Managing Safely project guide does not guarantee that you will provide the correct answers. That bit is still down to you.

The information has been provided with good intentions. If you spot any faults or if you have any ideas for improvements for our IOSH Managing Safely Project Guide I would be very grateful for your comments. Please submit them via the email address in the footer to this page.

The Forms

If you need a blank V4.0 IOSH Managing Safely Project paper you can download one by clicking on the following link:

pdf. Format

You can also download the IOSH instructions for the project from here.

IOSH Managing Safely Project – Guide for Completion

There are aIOSH Managing Safely Project number of pages explaining the expectations of the project and what points are awarded for which parts of the project. In addition to the return address for your project the front cover should also indicate the date by which your work must be submitted by. IOSH stipulate the time allowed for the project. Missing the submission deadline could jeopardise your certification for the course.

The project is broken down into 3 pages. The first two pages are titled “risk assessment form” and the third is titled “risk rating calculator.The whole project should flow from start to finish, telling a complete story.

On the first page there is a row across the top of the page in one of the cells of which you are required to provide your name. Don’t forget to complete this as entering your name here is your declaration that this is your own work.

The first page is about your workplace, what you do there, what you use and the people involved. There is a limited amount of space provided to contain these details. If your area of responsibility is so big or complicated that you cannot include everything here you may wish to choose a specific place or task within your responsibilities.

On the second page you will need to complete a risk assessment, which considers 3 hazards within the area of responsibility described on the previous page. One hazard per row. You will need to select one location hazard, one activity hazard and one equipment or substance hazard. See our blog (link in the top menu on this page) for more information about these different types of hazards. Make sure that you provide the information asked for in the column heading. Many of the posts in our blog refer to the previous (V3.1) version of the course but the comments about the various types of hazard remain pertinent.

On the third page you will find the evaluation for the 5×5 risk matrix to be used in completing the project. There is also an example of a completed assessment. When you do your risk assessment and you come to identify the “Date to be completed by” cell, use the action level table to help you to decide how urgent the action completion is.


If your trainer has looked at this guide and has told you not to follow it, then don’t follow it. Your training provider will be marking your project. If they believe that this guide is wrong then you would get no points for following it.

I hope that this has helped you with your IOSH Managing Safely project. If it has we would love to hear about it. If you can see how it might be improved we would love to hear about that too. Your opinion matters to us so please let us know whether our IOSH Managing Safely project has worked for you and if we might make it work better for others in the future.

Good luck with your project.