If you haven’t yet attended your IOSH Managing Safely training and would like to do so for just £395 take a look at our open IOSH Managing Safely courses. Maybe you would like to attend an IOSH managing Safely course for just £150 per person, if so here is the IOSH Managing Safely course for you.

We have put this IOSH Managing Safely Project example together to guide people who have completed an IOSH Managing Safely training course and have either forgotton or are not sure about the instruction that they have been given for its completion.

It doesn’t give you the answers nor does it teach you about health and safety but it will help you to layout your own answers in a way that IOSH might expect for the IOSH Managing Safely project. The information is provided for guidance only so please do not submit the examples as your own work. I am sure that your assessor will spot them. If you would like to be provided with all of the solutions to the project take a look here.

The information in these pages relates only to the Pack version 3.1 of the project. If you have undertaken a different version of the IOSH Managing Safely course this guide will be of no help to you, sorry. You may be able to confirm which project you are undertaking by looking at the top of the introducion page or the bottom right hand corner of the assessment parts pages. If you are unsure about which version of the project you are completing please consult with your training provider.

Lynwood cannot accept responsibility for your grades and following this guide does not guarantee that you will provide the correct answers. That bit is still down to you.

The information has been provided with good intentions. If you spot any faults or if you have any ideas for improvements of our IOSH Managing Safely Project Guide I would be very greatful for your comments. Please pass them to Lee at: [email protected]

If you did your training with Lynwood and you need help with setting up your IOSH project you have access to our 24/7 helpline so please feel free to call on the number that you been provided.

If you didn’t do your IOSH Managing Safely course with Lynwood why not take a look at our health and safety training and other services while you are here?

In any event, no matter who you did your IOSH training with you are welcome to use our IOSH Managing Safely Project Guide and we wish you good luck with your project.

If you need a blank V3.1 IOSH Managing Safely Project paper you can download one in either PDF Format or DOC Format.

These forms have been provided for use by Lynwood delegates and the return mailing address has been completed for their convenience. If you didn’t do your training with Lynwood you will need to send your project to your traning provider, not to Lynwood.