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Do you know:

  • Everyone has health and safety responsibilities in law. What are yours?
  • Not everything needs to be risk assessed nor do all assessments need to be written. What do you need to assess and record?
  • There are many ways to carry out risk assessments. How many ways are there and which are best for what?
  • Employers are not required to eliminate all risks. How far do you need to go?
  • Organisations are required to have a health and safety management system in place. What should be in it?
  • All incidents, including near misses, need to be investigated. How can you avoid this taking up your whole working day(s)?
  • Many organisations measure their safety performance by counting how many people they have hurt during the last 12 months. How can you measure performance in such a way that it avoids people getting hurt in the first place?

These are just some of the questions we will answer on our IOSH Managing Safely courses. If you don’t yet know the answers come and join us.

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IOSH Managing Safely Course Details

This health and safety training course is intended for managers and supervisors at every level, in any sector and in any organisation. It has been designed to help people who have responsibility to manage health and safety in their undertakings. In addition to the diverse health and safety content this course also delivers a module on protecting the environment.

Many organisations delegate health and safety responsibilities to people within their company. Unless these people are competent in the management of health and safety they cannot be expected to posses the knowledge required to ensure a safe and legally compliant workplace. Nor can they be held accountable. This course helps to deliver the health and safety competencies required by managers.

On successful completion of this course learners will be able to:

  1. Describe the key reasons to manage health and safety in the workplace
  2. Define the key terms relating to health and safety
  3. Identify how the law can have an impact on health and safety in the workplace
  4. Describe how to assess, reduce and control risk in the workplace
  5. Identify workplace hazards and risks, their impact and how to manage them
  6. Identify how to evaluate and respond to an incident
  7. List the benefits and characteristics od an effective health and safety management system
  8. Describe the principles that underpin good health and safety performance
Course content:

Module 1

Course introduction

  • Why it is important to manage safely. The key moral, legal and financial reasons for managing safely.
  • Your responsibilities and accountability for health and safety in the workplace as a manager

Module 2

Risk assessment

  • Defining  what ‘Hazard’, Hazardous event’ an ‘risk’ mean
  • Defining the term ‘risk assessment’
  • Defining the term ‘likelihood’ and ‘consequence’
  • The risk assessment process and how risk rating systems work
  • Identifying the benefits of carrying out risk assessment

Module 3

Risk control

  • Defining the term ‘reasonably practicable’
  • The risk matrix approach to risk evaluation
  • How to control risks
  • How to apply the hierarchy of risk control
  • How to use risk controls to reduce the likelihood of an incident, the consequence of an incident or how to reduce both factors
  • Defining residual risk

Module 4

Understanding responsibilities

  • An overview of legal requirements
  • Defining the term ‘reasonably foreseeable’
  • An introduction to the common knowledge, industry knowledge and expert knowledge tests used to determine reasonable foreseeability of an incident
  • How criminal law and civil law apply in relation to health and safety
  • The consequences of failing to comply with the law
  • Identifying sources of guidance on health and safety legal compliance
  • The composition of health and safety management systems
  • The benefits to be gained from effective health and safety management systems
  • The need for leadership in the management of health and safety

Module 5

Understanding hazards

  • Hazard categorisation
  • 22 common hazards
  • What you can do about these common hazards

Module 6

Accident and incident investigation

  • Defining the terms ‘incident’, ‘accident’ and ‘near miss’
  • Why we need to investigate accidents and incidents
  • The benefits of investigating accidents and incidents
  • Defining the terms ‘immediate’, ‘underlying’ and ‘root’ causes
  • Identifying post incident/accident actions
  • Incident reporting
  • How to carry out accident and incident investigations

Module 7

Performance measurement

  • The principles for good health and safety performance
  • The information that we get from performance indicators and how they can improve health and safety performance
  • The characteristics of good key performance indicators
  • Identifying the difference between proactive and reactive performance indicators
  • Defining what is meant by ‘auditing’
  • Identifying the types of audits used to measure health and safety performance
  • The types of evidence used in audits
There is no requirement for extensive academic ability or previous experience to pass this course, it is within the ability of most people.
Delegates are required to pass a written multiformat assessment (includes multiple choice and questions requiring a listed answer) followed by a post course project, which is based on the risk assessment process. Delegates have two weeks to complete the project and they are offered support from the trainer to do so.
3 days; 4 Days or 2 days per week over 2 consecutive weeks

Our Managing Safely courses are available in a four day block or a three day block. For organisations that find it difficult to release managers for three or four days in one block we also offer the training on two days per week over two consecutive weeks. All formats consist of 24 hours face to face learning. Training days on the three day courses are longer than those on the four day formats.Refreshments throughout our courses

Our open Managing Safely courses are run at – The Old Courthouse, SK16 4DT.

The Old Courthouse was constructed in about 1903, when it was used as a prison. It later became a magistrates court and in 2001 it was converted into offices. Lynwood occupy a suite within the building, which provides us with a perfect environment to deliver training.

Our main training room overlooks the 84 space car park to the rear of the building. There is also plenty of free street parking on the roads around the Lynwood training suite.

We can also deliver your in-house Managing Safely course at your venue anywhere and in any format (3, 4 or 5 day block; 1 or 2 days per week).

The Old Courthouse

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Located in Greater Manchester we enjoy easy access for our courses from all areas of the North West of England. Our centre enjoys excellent transport links via the local motorway network and public transport services.The best quality IOSH Managing Safely workbook

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